The department consists of nine lines of eccentric presses and link-drive system that develops 600 kN (60 tons) to 8000 Kn (800 tons) equipped with electronically controlled automatic feeders and evacuation of waste.

On these lines coils can be processed coils with a maximum size of 400x8 mm (width x thickness) or you can make processing of semi-finished shooting.

Moulding Images

This department is composed of islands of anthropomorphic robots welding with 6-axis, with synergic pulsed arc generators or spray-arc; in this way, we cover all the needs of customers in quality and type of welding. In order to meet the stringent demands of high productivity and cost reductions on products, we recently installed a fully automated transfer line, dedicated to the welding of brake blocks.

To meet the demands of welding semi-circular and circular we designed and built two semi-automatic systems, being purpose-built, have high productivity. All jigs are designed and manufactured internally, in order to better adapt the components to be assembled to the work of robots or machines and then exploit the full potential. Currently, all the production produced in this department is qualified by the Italian Institute of Welding in accordance with regulations UNI EN. 

Welding Images

From time immemorial, we believe that our customers should receive a complete service and, for this reason, we have created and developed a tooling department where we can make the molds and equipment needed to perform new productions as well as ordinary and extraordinary repairs that are necessary before, during and after production. In particular, we act on tools and dies before the wear affects the quality of the finished product, while preventing costly repairs.

Tooling Images